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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Days of Grace #6

1. Helping hands to finish the baby's room (almost)
2. ShamROCK shakes
3. Prenatal Hiccups
4. seeing happy statuses on Facebook
5. Extra money coming in

Friday, February 20, 2009

I will likely miss

  • Maternity clothes. The panels and all. So comfortable...every girl should be wearing them. 
  • Being told by my doctor it's okay to head to McDonalds for an occassional Shamrock Shake. 
  • How nice people are. People are really really nice when you are pregnant. It's unreal.
  • Having help and advice from friends and family. At first I didn't like it, but I gave in and it's quite humbling and nice. I hope that doesn't stop. It's certainly made me feel like I need to be a better person.
  • Gaining weight, but this time, I have a good excuse. That goes double for my big belly.
  • Being told to kick back and relax.
  • Sleep. It's the number one thing people tell you to say good-bye during and after pregnancy. Later sleep. It was nice knowing you.

I will not miss

  • Walking at a snail's pace. I was exercising pretty often and well up until about a month ago. Now, I can't really walk the dog more than 10 minutes or go to the gym without my belly and below aching.
  • Not being able to take Bella for long walks. The look on her face the last few months makes me so sad. Thankfully, Kenny has been taking the lead on this and has been a trooper, walking her whenever he can.
  • Taking a good minute or so to roll out of bed. I now know what it's like to be a cross between a turtle and sea lion stuck on its back. 
  • Um, these cankles and swollen hands are ridiculous. My lower legs look like upside down bowling pins. I feel kind of weird walking around pregnant without a wedding ring on.
  • These double EE width shoes I've been wearing every day. They are starting to stink from all the constant wear and tear.
  • Constant pressure on the bladder. 
  • Pinched nerves
  • My inner thighs feeling like they've been doing ThighMaster all night long. 
  • Not being able to lay flat on my back or avoiding torso twists
  • Being told to "Relax and calm're pregnant". Yes, I know it's the ultimate excuse for how uncomfortable I'm feeling, but it still sucks.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mona the Terrible

Meet Mona. She's cute, right? Lil' gray fuzzy thing looks like she could do no wrong. 

Truth is, I used to love her, until recently.  Actually, even before that, I just liked her; she was tolerable. Now, it's everything I can do to not put up a "Cat for Sale" sign outside my house.  Maybe it's the pregnancy- she knows change is a-coming and I have little patience with her. She chews cords, drinks out of my water glass, knocks vitamins all the floor and plays with them, eats bread through plastic bags, licks plastic bags at 4AM and wakes me up. In the last two days, she's knocked over two plants in an attempt to eat a ladybug. 

I have named her "Mona Visa" because she's everywhere you want to be and lives to annoy.  

Kenny says it's cuz she doesn't have enough toys, but I assure him, she has plenty. She's just kicked them all under couches, beds and cabinets. Then she goes off and looks for other household items to destroy.

Now she's starting to try to jump in the baby bassinet and get into all the baby's presents. We're working the squirt gun hard to make sure she knows these areas are off limits. 

Our other cat on the other hand, Vinny is a little sweetheart who sleeps all day. He's a saint compared to Mo. Mona is almost five years old. I thought felines start to get lazy and less curious as they age? Was I lied to?

Anyway, I'm not giving up my pets, don't get me wrong. I just needed to vent to prevent myself from tossing her out the window. If it's attention she needs, I don't want to give it to her to reward her for bad behavior, so I just try to ignore her. I wonder if that just makes things worse?

Days of Grace #5

  1. Being able to breathe through my nose for the first time in 7 days.
  2. Leftover Thai Green Curry Noodles with Chicken
  3. Unexpected money from two unexpected places
  4. Having the Fire Chief as a friend, who installed the baby seat into our car
  5. Kenny's genius solution to keep Mona the Terrible (cat) AWAY from my vitamins, knocking them on the floor and playing with them.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I know. I need a cooler blog design. I'm working on it. Actually, I'm just working on it in my head, but nothing else. Since I left Betty, I'm having a blog identity crisis and need to figure out how Carlita's Way is all about- be patient with me!  I'm in transition.

In other exciting news...

My iPod had a glitch and I had to "restore" my settings, which means, all my info was wiped out. I had to reformat it to the MAC (was previously formatted for PC) and basically had to build it from scratch, which isn't the worst thing in the world. I kind of like the fresh new start and being able to re-choose songs I like. Might help rid all the garbage I have lurking in my music library.

Fiona Apple came up on my shuffle and got me thinking what is going on with that girl these days- totally M.I.A. I'm going to have to check on her. Just when I start wondering where an artist has been, they end up releasing an album. 

Also- I'm officially slowing down, so don't expect much from me. I can't keep up with Kenny when we walk the dog, going to the gym seems like a chore (although, I might find the energy to get there this morning), and I'm not getting heated over things that were eating away at me before or feeling like everything has to get down NOW. When you are a month away from having a baby, you gotta pick your battles and just let things be and relax a little. At least that's the advice I get from friends and family. Seems to be working and making for a better nights sleep.

Oh and we are taking our Baby 101 classes finally. One down, two more to go. Kind of a "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and Baby Care Basics, but I think it's made Ken and I both feel better to be actively learning about more. What's funny is that we can read all the books in the world, take all the classes, but once this baby starts-a-coming...all knowledge is thrown out the window. At least we are making the effort!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here Comes The Sun

Was the 65 degree, sunny day a breath of fresh air for you too? The dog got a nice long walk- although a slow one. The belly keeps me from going too fast these days. Despite my clogged schnoz, I managed to still enjoy the sun and warm.

That's all. I gotta run because Kenny is calling from the next room. He has the hiccups and apparently, I'm the only one who can provide the cure!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have a nasty little cold. Not sure where I picked it up, but it I curse whoever gave it to me. I swear, people, if you KNOW you are sick, then do not touch me!   Do not kiss me on the lips (Kenny is excluded from this rule), don't cough in your hand (a sleeve works better) and just keep your hands to yourself. 

Anyway, damage is done. nostrils are plugged to the gills and I have a dry mouth from breathing in and out. Losing sleep was bad enough, now being sick, I expect to toss and turn even more than I already have. 

Okay. Enough complaining!

The good news is, it was absolutely gorgeous today. We made some baby gift returns and then went on a really long, much needed walk with Bella. We were all in heaven, getting fresh, warm air into our lungs and having to squint because of the sun. The warm temp might last just a few days, but that's a break enough for me! Kenny and I couldn't believe NO one was outside walking and enjoying this weather. They must have been out waiting in line getting the salt washed off their cars. 

Days of Grace #4

Outside temperatures above 50!
Getting a few hours of sleep- better than nothing.
Chicken soup, delivered by an old neighbor friend
Bella sitting on a chair like a human, watchdogging the people on the street
Starbucks Rooibos Vanilla Lattes

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New name for blog?

Little Man Blues just told me that if you search on my blog, other interesting "carlita's ways" come stuff for porn sites. Thinking about this, it doesn't surprise me. 

I'm a little discouraged by this.  Do I come up with a NEW name? Something that no one will have? Maybe I need to come up with a made up name, like Dooce did or Schmutzie. I'll have to chew on this for a while. In the meantime, if you have suggestions for a new blog name, send them my way.

Maybe I'll think of something more unique once this baby is done squishing my creativity...and my bladder. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Apparently, it's suppose to rain this weekend. If you remember on Betty Rocker (RIP), last time it rained over the holidays, our basement flooded. This time, we're taking action! I'm off to purchase a sump pump to stave off any water build, should the ground start to try to push water under my concrete floors. Here's to hoping we don't have another basement Katrina. 

We're off for some Fine Thai tonight. Really, it's called Fine Thai and it's just up the street from us. Kenny prefers good old Chinese, but I think the Thais do it best. Better flavors, noodles, seems like it's cleaner food, compared to Chinese. Anyway. I'm hungry just thinking about my Chicken Pad Se Ew (sp?). 

DOG #3
  • Going to the gym AND walking the dog (even if it was for 4 blocks)
  • Getting worried about the recession again, but quickly calling myself off from the worry. Self-therapy!
  • Corner Bakery Salads (Sante Fe with Chicken is the best!)
  • My black velour jogging suit giving me comfort today
  • Not having to drive out to Lake Forest for work, saving me approximately 3 hours of drive time.