Don't come around here no more. Whatever you're looking for. I've moved to Betty Rocker (and Baby).

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Counting Sleep

We were warned. We were told constantly. It's the number one thing parents of children tell me when they hear I'm having a baby.

"Enjoy sleep while you can!" This is followed by snickers and giggles.

After a while, this starts to bother me because I love the idea of sleep and I need it to keep my mental health aligned.  

Whoever said money can't buy happiness is a big fat liar. Because if I had money, I'd hire a night nurse or someone to help me with the baby while I get some sleep. And if I get sleep, I'm happier, right?

The past month, I wake up for hours each night, trying to fall back to sleep and I just can't. My mind is all over the place...thinking about work, thinking about the baby, thinking about what's to come...think think think...

I've turned into one of those people who can't shut it off at night. And it doesn't sound like it's gunna get much better come March. I'll just keep telling's only temporary and will pass. 

In the meantime, I'm a tired training.

Okay, time for DOG #2

Baby gifts arriving in the mail
Finally being able to go out on a walk with Ken and the dog tonight- it's not too cold!
Finding cute Thank You cards for $1 for a set of eight
A dryer that finally got fixed so I don't have to buy a new one
Lots of friends and family calling with advice

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grace in Small Things

I've been spending more time reading other people's blogs than focusing on my own and I'm really loving HelenJane's  exercise in finding "Days of Grace In Small Things", which is a project initiated from this site.  Since I'm an lover of acronyms (a habit I picked up at work), I will call it DOG. 

Such a great idea, especially now, with all the gloom looming over us. Such a great idea, I'm going to give it a try as well. 

Here goes with my DOG #1
1. Having left over mini-muffins to snack on from my baby shower
2. A husband who is willing to walk the dog, alone in the cold
3. Making my first beef stew out of a crock pot
4. A visit from my neighbor Heather
5. Relaxing on the couch, watching (maybe) American Idol, Season 8


Monday, January 26, 2009

The Formula for Insanity

I've figured out the formula for insanity.

Work from home four days a week+ while pregnant+ admist a dreadful winter+little human interaction other than pets and a husband. 

S.O.S. Starting to feel a little like Jack Nicholson in The Shining here. 

I thought this 'hunkering down for the winter' would be kind of cozy and fun, but honestly, it sucks a bit. At the very least, I wish I were in an office, working downtown eating at Wow Bao...or Salad Spinners. But that's not my alternative. My alternative is driving 4 hours roundtrip to an office in the middle of horse country, eating cafeteria food. 

I'll stay home and be insane for a while, thank you.

I've been forcing myself out of the house just to get a change of scenery. Trips to the Post Office are a treat. 

It won't be long before my maternity leave and Spring will pop up around the corner, bringing more insanity of a different kind. Different, but better!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The First

It's done. I've moved off of Typepad and am now free-blogging. It feels nice to do that. To tell the truth, I started with Blogger, but then saw how cool other people's blogs were with Typepad and wanted to move over. 

Now that Facebook has taken over everyone's life, I don't need to blog anymore. You already know my status and where to find me half the time, right?

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with writing. As you know, there's a little one on the way and coming up soon, so I may have hiatus for a while...only time can tell. Part of me leaving my old blog I think is my nesting taking over. Just a little LOT has it taken over.

Just ask my husband. Literally, as the new year set in, I started becoming this "we have to get this all done NOW" type of person. I'm even driving myself a little nuts with this urgency to have everything in place. But every now and again, the sane me comes back and reassures it will all get done. Everything gets done and works itself out. Can't fight it. 

Oh and for my name, I have hung up my Betty Rocker hat for an old nickname, Carlita's Way. I'll still be letting you know about music and all that good stuff...a change will do me good!

Come back and check on me once in a while, ya hear?